No Coverage Micro Thong

No Coverage Micro Thong

The bikini underwear, with no bottom

The no coverage micro thong is essentially a thong that is already reduced to the minimal amount of fabric as being both a thong and micro, except with no frontal coverage, just the outlined stitching which gives it the shape of a bikini bottom or panty. The no coverage micro thong excludes the coverage and highlights the frontal crotch area, while still offering a sexy twist to being Au natural. These undergarments are most definitely illegal to wear in public, less the official nude beaches, however, they add an element of sexiness to the bedroom, and present an excellent opportunity for illegal showcasing in public places by exhibitionists.

Bikinis like these are typically made from lace or lycra, just to add a bit of smooth comfort to the already thin material content of these intimates. It's also quite clear that these aren't for the faint of heart, or for those actually intending to wear them under normal circumstances, but they can be someone's adventure or foray into risque behavior - all for that sexual adrenaline rush or getting away with wearing them.

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