Sexy MAF E-Book Dirty Edition

MAF E-Book: World's Sexiest T&A Closeups First Edition

There are 365 days in a typical year, so why not fill some of those up with the hottest photos featuring the sexiest models, porn stars and females? Get 100 pages of sexy babes wearing the smallest and erotically charged lingerie, costumes and underwear, all in the one e-book. You’ll find images so vividly sexual and erotic, that you might find yourself uncontrollably drooling and at times, perhaps, crying – all symptoms of the sexiness found in this single resource. Get the e-book now and stop looking at sub par images on the web. Get a slice of awesomeness from SexyMAF right now, buy the e-book for just $9.99 USD.

Product Price $9.99

Product Description

This first and dirtiest edition of the Sexy MAF e-book contains 100 pages of mouth watering images and delectable babes, enough to fill a double decker bus and then some! These babes will have you smiling, crying, panting and dehydrating from the level of sex oozing though each page. These babes aren't hiding a thing and you will have your imagination blown by the reality, so get ready... Don't delay and get your copy of the World's sexiest T&A Close-Ups from Sexy MAF right now. I mean, who doesn't want to see tits and ass like no other place can offer?

This electronic book is provided in electronic format to allow you the versatility to use it on multiple devices or to print a physical copy out.

Some of the women and positions found in the dirty version of the E-Book include:

1. 21. 41. 61. 81.
2. 22. 42. 62. 82.
3. 23. 43. 63. 83.
4. 24. 44. 64. 84.
5. 25. 45. 65. 85.
6. 26. 46. 66. 86.
7. 27. 47. 67. 87.
8. 28. 48. 68. 88.
9. 29. 49. 69. 89.
10. 30. 50. 70. 90.


Product Features

Pages 100
Format Electronic
Type E-Calendar
File Format PDF
Publisher SexyMAF
Language English
File Size 32,341KB
Edition Dirty Edition
Quality High Resolution
Copyright Year 2015