Sexy MAF E-Book Clean Edition

MAF E-Book: World's Sexiest T&A Closeups Clean Edition

The clean edition of the Sexy MAF e-book leaves much to the imagination, with girls scantily clad and supported by some awesome phrases and sexy pick up lines. Given that there are 365 days in a typical year, why not fill some of those days up with the hottest photos featuring the sexiest models, porn stars and enthusiastic females? Get 100 pages of sexy babes wearing the smallest and erotically charged lingerie, costumes and underwear, all in the one e-book. You might notice that the images found in this electronic book are so high res and so vividly sexual and erotic, that you might find yourself uncontrollably drooling and even, crying – all effects from the vast amounts of sexiness found in this single book. Get the e-book now and stop looking at sub par images on the web. Get a slice of awesomeness from SexyMAF right now, Don’t wait, just buy it – Especially at a marked down $8.99 USD.

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This clean edition of the Sexy MAF e-book contains 100 pages of mouth watering images and delectable babes, enough to fill a double decker bus and then some - featuring sultry babes that are non-nude but amazingly enticing for any imagination! The chicks featured in this clean edition of "World's Sexiest Close-Ups", will have you smiling, crying, panting and feeling faint from the high level of sexiness oozing though each and every page. Hesitate and delay not and get your copy of the World's sexiest T&A Close-Ups, clean edition, from Sexy MAF, and put an end to your sadness - this book is really potent. I mean, who doesn't want to see tits and ass so good, you'll forget what you just ate?

This electronic book is provided in electronic format to allow you the versatility to use it on multiple devices or to print a physical copy out.

Some of the women and positions found in the E-Book include:

1. Sexy black panties with lace ribbon21. Model wearing a fuschia pink fuzzy pink bra top with eyes and ears41. Girl in white zippered blouse pulled down to expose cleavage and bright indigo lace bra61. Rear view of sexy butt in white lace panties with bowtie81. Sexy butt with burgundy and while patterned sarong
2. Fuzzy hot pink panties22. Babe wearing peach colored leotard wedged into a thong, from the rear view42. Tight white bikini bottom with teal stitching on tanned model62. Girl in cowboy boots holding legs and giving upskirt view82. Super busty black model wearing christmas costume with puffy white and red tinsel
3. Plumber's crack from back view of a babe in a blue bikini bottom with tramp stamp 23. Tightly pressed shiny pink and black lace corset on brunette43. Fair model on red bed exposing bare behind from side view63. Close-up of cleavage from a busty woman in blue open shirt83.
4. Tight black top24. Bright red thong bottom pulled halfway down the butt cheek44. 64. Woman in pink lace panties sleeping on her side84. Dirty blonde model from the side showing off her bust in bright sky blue bikini top
5. Butterfly white lace thong on babe with a large trampstamp on her back25. Hot pink teddy lingerie with lace trim and pushed up cleavage45. Model pulling black lace thong down beneath her butt cheeks65. View of black lace stockings with black g-string underwear85. Model by the pool reclining sideways in a sexy one piece open-sided black and white bikini, wearing sky blue high platform heels
6. Bright iridescent lime green bikini top on redhead model26. White lace baby doll lingerie with exposed bottom from the side view 46. Tightly pressed cleavage in a slightly sheer white top66. View of woman's rear-end in lace black thong with her hands on her butt86. Woman holding her butt cheeks and wearing a black thong
7. Pulling butt cheeks and showing off leopard print panties27. Vibrator toy being placed above panty line on white panties47. Girl reclining in a white lace blouse and teal short skirt and white panties67. Close-up of a blonde woman's busty cleavage in leather black top87, Model wearing all white panties, stockings in lace from side/upskirt position
8. Bright red bikini peering from under a tight cotton blouse, showing cleavage28. Zipper coming down on bright banana yellow top exposing a busty model's cleavage48. Girl wedging a bright and hot pink floral thong underwear higher68. Sexy girl's hot pink lacey skirt88. Woman kneeling on her side naked wearing only a ring and strappy stiletto heels
9. Bare bottom from the side29. Bright yellow with black stiching on thong49. Girl showing leg and exposing a little of her nether regions, mostly covered by a pink banded scarf69. Two sexy women's bodies held tight in an embrace89. Woman from the top view, laying down on a floral patterned bed, wearing around her waist a hot pink skirt bunched together with her butt exposed
10. Girl pulling lace white panties down30. 50. Tight white panties with teal stitching, rear-view70. Super busty chest of a brunette in a lacy frilly black strapless top90. Super busty model wearing lacy bra and light pink ribbon decorations, with under boob visible
11. Fuschia pink and black polka dotted bra top with some lace detailing and a bow31. Sheer lavender purple shimmering lace panties with girl spreading half-eagle51. Brunette model wearing fuschia and black lace bra top71. Girl peering into her black lace panties from the side outstretched91. Sexy reveal with girl pulling pink floral patterned skirt down to reveal plumber's crack
12. Shiny deep purple string bikini - loose32. Floral short dress on black and green base colors being pulled up to expose buttocks from rear view52. Lace purple thong from seated rear position72. View of sexy lady's butt from the rear-side vantage, wearing a yellow lace decorated short skirt92. Sexy butt with dimples exposed from the rear-side view, pulling down a mini-plaid patterned skirt
13. Lace pink lingerie with girl laying down exposing some cleavage33. 53. Girl covering privates wearing lace and string thong panty73. Sexy tatoo'ed woman wearing lace black and white bra with a red bowtie93. Close-up of cleavage; wearing white and blue floral pattern
14. Girl undoing pair of denim shorts34. Baby blue garter belt and thong leotard attached to beige/nude stockings from side-rear view54. Tight teal g-string bikini on light skinned model74. Girl grabbing her own butt with sexy manicured fingers94. Tanned model wearing frilly lacy light pink tonga with lace detail
15. Bare tanned bottom, squatting down35. Textured black bra with pink highlights on fair skinned model, exposing bustiness55. Pink and white lace lingerie pulled to the side with white stockings75. Girl laying on stomach naked showing her behind while in the side position95. Close-up of wet model's stomach; wearing hot pink lacy panties with light pink bow
16. Tightly pressed cleavage covered in navy blue string bikini top36. Black lace thong from rear-side view56. Fuzzy semi-sheer panties from side reclining position76. Sexy butt from a side-rear view96.
17. Sexy girl on bed pulling off bright pink lace panties with bow on them37. Bright red and pink boy shorts with tiny pink ribbons being pulled down57. Light blue colorful floral patterned underwear with sheer blue and lime green top from the rear view77. Model holding her super busty cleavage in a gold necjk chain and sky blue string strap bra with gold trim97. Apple bottom model wearing sheer black lace thong kneeling down on couch
18. Girl stomach down on bed exposing rear in the air from the side view38. Black top covering bright sports car shiny orange bra on a hot busty brunette, exposing extreme cleavage58. Girl pulling off light pink lace boyshorts78. Sexy rear-view of model in white skirt, pink top and her rear exposed98. Rear-side view of a sexy butt in white lace and sheer teddy lingerie
19. Light pink bra coming off from the side view39. Light pink and blue trimmed bra with cleavage59. Bare bottom with model on stomach79. Sexy legs in a frilly pink panty from the side99. Sexy model sideways wearing crochet top and tidy whitey styled feminine panty
20. Tight sheer black lace panties from the rear view with feet almost pressed into knell type pose40. Rear view of tight pulled up jean shorts60. White lace panty pulled on both side directions80. Girl grabbing herself under a lacy pink and white panty, spread half-eagle100. Fair skinned girl about to take off peach colored lace panties, wearing knee-high socks and a blouse


Product Features

Pages 100
Format Electronic
Type E-Calendar
File Format PDF
Publisher SexyMAF
Language English
File Size 32,341KB
Edition Clean Edition
Quality High Resolution
Copyright Year 2015