V-String Underwear

V-String Underwear

Women's Minimal Thong

A Branded G-String Thong

The V-string is essentially another name for a g-string thong, which is primarily produced by the Victoria's Secret chain of women's clothing stores (and online site). The V-string, AKA g-string thong, is a garment generally worn as either underwear or in some countries abroad, as a swimsuit. This under garment, when viewed from the front resembles a standard bikini bottom, however from the rear, it's got minimal fabric and exposes most of the buttocks, as a style. The thin fabric goes in-between the buttocks and is connected to the top portion that is circumscribed around the woman's hips.

These bikini bottoms are popular in Europe and are embraced by the young-at-heart and exhibitionists-at-heart. G-strings also offer great tanning potential for the back-side, and are considered rather comfortable by some women.

*Featured Image Courtesy of brswimwear.com

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