Ultra Micro Thong Underwear

Ultra Micro Thong

Tiny Thong Underwear Leaving Little to the Imagination

The ultra micro thong, measuring only 2" wide at the widest point of the top center, is an ultra risque micro thong that is made with barely legal amounts of fabric to cover a woman's privates. The balance for this type of intimate garment, comes from taking the same level of wear-ability and comfort while decreasing the level of coverage, all the way to the absolute minimum. Perhaps the most risque and sexy pair of women's underwear on the market, to date. Thong underwear is already quite revealing and risque in some countries, and this tiny version of the thong bikini will shatter what you thought was "barely there" underwear!

A bikini bottom of this type is most likely illegal (or close to it), in parks, beaches and public venues. The ultra micro thong uses so little fabric, that it's almost a sure thing to have either a nipple (with matching bikini top) or labia slip when moving around in this little number. That being said, this bikini underwear is sexy and will be sure to get attention or encourage play with your significant other.

*Featured Image Courtesy of Chelseaminx.com

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