You Might Have Herpes & Don’t Know It

This was an interesting and scary study. I can somewhat grasp that because we have sex and these days, parties seem quite wild - these numbers are staggeringly high.

If you don't know, unlike most STD's (sexually transmitted diseases), herpes stays with you for life and an antibiotic won't work to eradicate it.

This study shows that black women have the highest odds and white/mixed men the lowest. Either way, the numbers despite that fact look quite bad for everyone. Take a peek at the chart below to see what I mean:

Odds of Herpes Contraction Increases with Age

Herpes Stats in Single versus Coupled Men & Women

Its also quite fascinating to know that of the people who have herpes, 80% don't know it. 80 percent! Talk about being in the dark, or chased by a silent killer (not that herpes kills).

80 percent of people who have herpes, don't know it chart

Another fact - people with herpes have 2X the chance to contract HIV. Now THAT, is a silent killer.



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