Wild Wednesday – 10th August 2016

Our wild Wednesday focus is indeed wild and crazy kids... Think most girls going out look hot on the town? Check out these geeky and sexy babes putting your aesthetic senses on watch as they wear costumes, uniforms, outfits and get-ups that are... get this... Body painted on their bodies! Every thing from childhood legends and fabled characters, to super-heroins and dream girls come true.

What may be most amazing about this gallery of awesomeness, may in fact just be the level of detail and artistry laid atop an already drool worthy set of bodies in their own right, with or without clothes. Maybe it's because it's the month of August, or summer, but there's something special about times when the air is warm and the bodies yearning to escape their bondage. This is art folks to the best degree. Forget museums, you've got the best exhibit of painted sculptures and aesthetically pleasing artworks right here on Sexymaf!

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