Why She REALLY Wants Anal Sex

Anal Sex

#1 YES! Women Like It!

People think it's only the man that likes anal sex, but it actually goes both ways. Women enjoy the intense orgasms and naughtiness that comes with doing anal.




Anal Sex#2 Orgasms are INTENSE

Not every woman will c*m from anal, at least at first. Once they get used to it and learn to enjoy it things get pretty intense.
A woman answered a survey question about it for a group of sex therapists, saying "The only way I can have an anal orgasm is with a very gentle entry and, once in and relaxed, I want it hard and fast. With very hard, very fast thrusting I can have a massive, body-convulsing orgasm. I need a trustworthy partner and this type of stimulation is so intense that it can’t last too long."



Anal Sex#3 The Forbidden Factor Makes It Exciting

It's always more fun to do something you're not "supposed to" be doing. That's why we like to use the words "naughty" and "dirty" when we talk about S-E-X (shhh!). The forbidden factor makes it exciting for both partners.




Anal Sex#4 Perfect Position for Double Pleasure

A woman's backdoor has the most nerves of anything else in the pelvis region. It's very sensitive, and what's even better is the positions that are necessary to achieve anal penetration make it possible for a guy's fingers to double her pleasure.





Anal Sex#5 Anal Can Stimulate the G-Spot in a New Way

The pressure from behind can stimulate the G-Spot. It also gives a feeling of fullness that some women really enjoy. It's especially good for men who happen to be a little bit small.



Anal Sex#6 There is No Risk of Pregnancy

One of the biggest downers about having sex is the risk of pregnancy. Even condoms and birth control are not completely safe. Anal provides a whole new level of safety that can help her relax and enjoy herself.


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