Tacky Tuesday – 16th August 2016

This week's Tacky Tuesday might have you doing a double take. While it may be a tad over-acted, perhaps a bit exaggerated - there's nothing tacky enough, to make fun of in this gallery of sexy hotties licking lollipops! Celebrities, girls next door, babes at your local supermarket and MILFs are just some of the babes depicted who are about to show you what is so damn awesome about the iconic handheld candy known around the world as the lollipop. You've probably not even been privy to all of the different types, flavors, shapes and colors of this candy that you'll see in today's SexyMAF post, but I guess that's why we are the best site on the internet (at least by word directly from the writers on the site)!

Come make Tuesday better and forget about Monday, with a sampling of some tasty eye candy holding and licking actual candy. Who knows, maybe you'll use this as an inspiration to brighten up your buddies day too, all through the simple act of sharing. You know what they say about sharing don't you? "Sharing is caring!" of course.

I almost feel inclined to put this gallery on my den wall, just to make sure that whenever I'm not at my best (especially in the beginning of the week; oh! and rare), I look at these babes and get perked right up! Well, without any more delay, I present the hottest hotties licking lollipops for your Tacky Tuesday pleasure on this 16th of August 2016. Enjoy my friends!

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