Mia Khalifa is Now The World’s Most Popular Pornstar

With so many hot babes doing porn nowadays, I thought it would be a while before we could declare another “World’s Most Popular Pornstar”. But no. Pornhub, a site that claims to be the biggest porn site in the world, has declared that the World’s Most Popular Pornstar is now Mia Khalifa.

Here’s everything you need to know about Mia Khalifa:

  • She’s 21 years old.
  • She was born in Lebannon
  • You may have seen her in porn videos under the name “Mia Callista
  • She’s got nice, round 34DD tits that are guaranteed to give you blue balls if you don’t start stroking it the minute you see those titties
  • Her full measurements are 34DD-26-40, which means she’s got a full booty for your viewing pleasure
  • She roots for FSU
  • Her sexy Instagram pics are off the chain
  • Pornhub declared her to be the World’s Most Popular Pornstar
  • No relation to Wiz Khalifa

On top of these cold hard facts, you need to know that Mia Khalifa is super chill. Mia’s new accolade has caused upset in the Middle East – with Twitter users taking to the social media site in their hoards to air their opinion on it, even threatening her. How did she respond to threats from closet fans in the Middle E? With this ”Keeping a real cool head in the face of vitriolic tweets directed at her. Doesn’t get much chiller than that. In another tweet she asked: “Doesn’t the Middle East have more important things to worry about besides me? How about finding a president? Or containing ISIS?” You’re absolutely right, Mia! Oh yes. It’s quite clear that Mia Khalifa is the full package. Can she hold on to the title? I guess time will tell. I hope she can. But if she can’t, at least we all know about this incredibly sexy Lebanese porn starlet!

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