5 Foods that will make man have better sex

1. Unsweetened Tea

You might be surprised to find this at the number one spot but unsweetened tea does many good things for you. It can promote your blood flow throughout your body which helps with not only helps you with sex but it also helps your focus and it improves your brainpower. Unsweetened tea has catechin in it which is also a compound known as ECGC which is in green tea and it's said that ECGC even helps you with losing weight. If you have bottled tea it might not give you the same benefits as having brewed tea such as black or green tea. You can drink the tea either hot or cold. If you have tea that has sugar in it then you might be causing yourself to gain weight that you don't need and that's why unsweetened tea is the best thing for you to have. If you need to improve your brainpower, enhance your mood and memory plus focus then just have a glass of unsweetened tea!

2. Fruit

If you need some deductions added then you should look into adding some fruit in your diet. Some of the best kinds of fruit include peaches, oranges and grapefruit. You should consume around 200 milligrams per day of vitamin C.  Watermelon is also very good for you and can help your heart. It has beta carotene, and many more ingredients in it that is healthy for you can relax your blood vessels.

3. Red Wine

Recently, Italian researchers have discovered that wine can trigger nitric oxide to produce in the blood and when that is in production then the artery walls can relax and that increases the blood flow towards the genitals and it can help with putting you in the mood. However, if you have over two glasses of wine it might cause just the opposite to happen and make you tired.

4. Kidney Beans and Protein

Protein is a great way to help with weight maintenance but it also helps with being able to boost up your metabolism.  Kidney beans happen to be packed with protein. They also have a lot of fiber in them and they can help with lowering your cholesterol. Eggs and meat can help you get in some protein but if you get tired of having those then go with kidney beans.

5. Green Vegetables

One of the best green vegetables for you to have is spinach. The reason why is because it's loaded with magnesium and according to Japanese researchers, spinach helps with being able to dilate your blood vessels. The better your blood flow is then the greater chance you'll have for arousal when you're having sex. Some other important vegetables to have include broccoli, kale, cabbage and brussel sprouts.

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