Tear Drop Micro Thongs: The Micro Thong’s Weird Cousin

Tear Drop Micro Thongs

Micro Thong Underwear Style

The teardrop micro thong is similar in concept to a standard micro thong, in that it uses the minimal amount of fabric to cover the labia and privates, while still showing off the buttocks and woman's intimate curvature. The difference with this particular design is that, instead of a triangular shape in the front, the design is more of an oblong tear drop attached to the waistband. The fabric can be made of mesh, lace, cotton or a hybrid of materials, and can come in a variety of colors and patterns. The tops that come with these sorts of bottoms, tends to as well be very sexy and revealing, shaped as either stringy chords, extended ovals, or just big enough for coverage of the aureoles and nipples.

This type of underwear or bikini bottom, is extremely sexy and revealing - and may be illegal in some parks, beaches and public venues due to the amount of skin and exposure shown to others. The tear drop micro thong bikini underwear is a real tease to the opposite sex, as just a little bit it left to the imagination, and is meant to be attention getting, and for foreplay with others.

    Tear Drop Micro Thongs

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