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Ever heard that long distance relationships don't work? Well a company called Kiiroo is trying to do its part to move us into the future and to also perhaps modify our sentiment to the whole long-distance intimacy problem. Most of the time issues linked to long-distance relationships boil down to physical intimacy. Kiiroo is a technology company seeking to change the perception and practice of distance intimacy with a combination product inclusive of an online platform and set of devices, one for the man and another for the woman. These social network sex toys will enhance what is already available and introduce a new way to enjoy sexual pleasure.

I recall a scene in Demolition Man with Sylvester Stallone many years ago where virtual sex was a strong theme of future human interaction (see the clip below):

While we seem to be putting the Kiiroo sex toys into the girlfriend-boyfriend, husband-wife context, this sex toy product is part of a community online and can be potentially with complete strangers, enthusiasts, swingers and any other number of configurations that human sex play can take form. It's a social platform that puts technology to play to simulate sexual contact, through the very same technology that we use to check the weather forecast, email, play games and check our Facebook pages - with a twist of course, and hopefully some privacy controls and security...

There are two different parts or devices that make this sex toy system work, the SVir which is the male gadget that has eight contracting rings that send out and receive sensory data from the partner version - the female's OPue, essentially a vibrator that sends out a signal to the SVir and that delivers pleasure to the woman. The hope from Kiiroo is that the OPue evolves and is too, able to also both send and receive data in the near future.

The Kiiroo offering is a social network platform that allows one to share content, post comments, post media and connect with others while having the benefit of toys made for both parties be they male or female. An elective process to sexual enjoyment. While this system for sex may not be anything like, or as good as, the real physical thing, for lonely or distant souls - it may be an amazing option offering satisfaction and connection which potentially changes our paradigm on distance and sex on relationships with others.


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