Scrunch Panty Underwear Style

Scrunch Panty

Moderate but Sexy Underwear

The scrunch panty, styled underwear (AKA scrunch butt), is a type of women's underwear that fits like a glove with two-thirds coverage of the buttocks and sports a scrunchy stitched pattern in between the butt cheeks to "hug" the derriere. This style of intimate wear is sometimes also called a pucker back bikini or scrunch butt bikini bottom, and are designed to contour the backside for a fuller, more rounded look.

Scrunch underwear stitching, also sometimes referred to as ruched stitching, creates specific definition in the rear and prevents the fabric from sagging if the bottom gets wet, avoiding wedging ("wedgies"). This style can come in a number of makes, from minimal to full coverage, and can be customized to include a large selection of solid colors,  prints, and decorations to support a tailored look.

Who Wears Scrunch Bottoms Best?

This form of sexy panty and bikini bottom, seems to look best on women that have flatter or less curvy derriere's, as it supports the bum and adds a bit of flair and style while accentuating the woman's natural curves. Scrunch bottoms also work to add a bit of sex appeal in the under garments worn by women that may not feel comfortable wearing a thong or string bikini style intimate.

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