Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey. She has already proven that she can kick some major butt by her UFC fighting career record so far. She also was able to prove that she can easily turn the sexy on and off whenever you feels like it – such as when she is on the red carpet or the front cover of the ESPN Body Issue. This summer, she is going to prove why she is also a great addition to any ensemble cast of an action movie. Sylvester Stallone noticed it, which is why he made sure that she was cast in the next installment of the blockbuster Expendables franchise, The Expendables 3. She is also going to be appearing in next year’s summer blockbuster film, Fast and Furious Seven alongside Expendables co-star Jason Statham. What makes Ronda Rousey the best choice for any action movie? She’s bold and beautiful. She’s delicious and deadly. Each of these pics will prove that Ronda Rousey should have a very lengthy acting career whenever she finally decides to hang up her UFC gloves for good.

For the record, our new obsession with Ronda Rousey is completely healthy, and is based mostly on our deep respect for the art of judo. Also, she’s really hot. Just figured we’d throw that out there.

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