Micro Thong: Smallest Sexiest Panty?

Micro Thong Underwear

Sexy Risque Version of the Thong

A micro thong is an article of swimwear or underwear consisting of a narrow strip of material that passes between the thighs and connects with the waistband. The difference between the micro thong and a standard thong is that, the micro uses much less fabric and can be made smaller in the front, exposing far more of the woman's private area, making it one of the sexiest pieces of apparel available for women (and the men that enjoy the eye candy).

The micro thong can be made of a number of materials, however is normally constructed using cotton, mesh or lace fabric. Micro thongs by no means, follow standards, so manufacturer construction of the under garments will differ from brand to brand, and in some cases, fabric will alter the comfort and sizing of these intimates as well.

As these panties leave very little to the imagination, they aren't typically worn out in public, but for some very adventurous or exhibitionist personalities, rather, it's more often for role play, private enjoyment and teasing.

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