Micro Mini Thongs: Close to Illegal

Micro Mini Thong Bikini

Sexy, Small Underwear Style

The Micro Mini thong is cut to be an even smaller size than a mini thong, and is typically smaller than a book of matches in the front fabric, but still not quite as small as an Ultra Mini Thong. These typically come produced in cotton, lace, fishnet mesh, but may also be made with many other materials. The back can either be set in the g-string, t-string or thong style in any fabric or blend. This is an very small and sexy thong bikini that accentuates a woman's body.

This underwear or bikini bottom, is a sexy and revealing piece of clothing which may be illegal to wear in specific parks, beaches, or public venues.  Micro mini thongs specifically leave very little to the imagination, utilizing the absolute least fabric possible to barely cover up intimate parts of a woman's body. These panties resemble tiny thongs and conform to the thong's style and shape. Some say that this undergarment is the closest a woman can get to being naked without actually being in her birthday suit.

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