Instagram Playboy Bilzerian Almost Kills Porn Star

Instagram Playboy Bilzerian Almost Kills Porn Star

You may or may not be  familiar with poker star and Instagram celebrity Dan Bilzerian, a man whose life embodies the ideal alpha male's biggest dream in life.

Hes got an arsenal of guns, harem of naked or near naked girls around at all times,  and impressively expensive super cars and yachts, The man has it all and is too cocky not to flaunt it.

While Bilzerian is typically satisfies with surrounding himself, and taking company in the presence of gorgeous women, sometimes he finds a need to do dangerous and risky activities when he's bored,  involving the chicks he's got around - both to show off his lifestyle and reinforce the alpha male position (as he sees it).

Dan Bilzerian, accompanied by a naked young porn star named Janice Griffith, they stood atop a rooftop, ready for a stunt worth a 15-second Instagram video.

Bilzerian grabbed Griffith by some very intimate places, picked her up and launched her off the roof.

While she was supposed to land into the pool below, Bilzerian missed his distance, and Janice was thrown a bit short, with her foot clipping the edge of the pool and causing injury. You can see the play-by-play in the video below from livestream.

You can also see what we mean by "Instagram Playboy," or his success in poker in the gallery of Bilzerian instagram pictures below:

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