Hottest Cosplay Girls Ever

We all know epic comics with gripping stories and heroic characters can make a man’s day, but when all this is combined with hot girls… well, that’s something! No wonder Comic-Con is so popular! So here are the TOP Cosplay outfits


Blonde Super Girl

One of Supergirl’s superpower must be superhotness! The heroine was created in 1959 and underwent several changes during her career, but she’s still one of the most famous comic book characters to be portrayed by cosplayers. Even if Supergirl didn’t exist, girls would dress up as sexy Supermen anyway, and that’s just a step away from creating Supergirl in Cosplay World.

Lady Thor

Women dressed as Thor

Thank God (or Thor?) that Jane Foster picked up the hammer and thus Lady Thor was born. This world would be a poorer place without Lady Thor cosplay girls. I would cast her for the role without hesitation.

Lollipop Chainsaw

Juliet Cosplay Chainsaw Game

What’s better than killing zombies? Juliet Starling killing Zombies! The fierce blond is only 18 years old but she’s already a zombie hunter icon. And lucky us, mini tops and miniskirts seem to be the most suitable pieces of clothing for fighting zombies.


Girl dressed as Deadpool

For some cosplaying is not just a hobby any more. As a professional cosplay model, Jessica Nigri knows how to do it! The funny but merciless character is not unfamiliar for her, as she famously portrayed Juliet Starling aka Lollipop Chainsaw. On our list, she’s one sexy Deadpool beast.

Wonder Woman

Sexy Wonder Woman

Lynda Carter used to be the Wonder Woman in the 1970’s after winning the Miss World USA pageant. Wonder Woman, the beautiful yet super strong heroine fights for peace, love, justice and gender equality, which made her one of the most famous feminist icon! What do you think about our Amazonian princess? And don’t make her use the Lasso of Truth!

Black Cat

Woman dressed as Black Cat

Soft kitty, warm kitty, khm, I mean black kitty, wild kitty… The burglar diva has always been one of the hottest anti-heroines in history. She set her cap at Spiderman, who could hardly resist Ms Cat’s attractiveness. Can you blame him? Neither can we. Purr, purr, purr.

Freddy Krueger

Sexy Blonde Girl dressed as Freddy Krueger

Female-to-male crossplay is not uncommon at all. If a woman wants to be Freddy Krueger, let her be! She can very well make us forget about the burnt faced serial killer. Do you think if she sang you lullabies it would turn the nightmares into sweet dreams? Beware of her seductive look, she still has the blade claws!

Jill Valentine

Girl dressed as jill valentine from resident evil

Fragile body, silky skin, innocent look, and a romantic name: just the regular features of a horror video game character. Resident Evil’s explosives expert has U.S. Army experience and dedicated her life to fighting bioterrorism. She is not a pink Barbie doll!


Woman dressed as Powergirl

Powergirl is Supergirl’s counterpart from Earth Two. Although they have different personalities and costumes, they couldn’t deny they are related: Superman’s cousins are equally hot! But if you prefer the more mature type, Powergirl is made for you!

Black Widow

Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow

One does not simply become the Black Widow. Red hair and a black suit may not be enough, there must be something more. Something… something like, you know what I mean. This femme fatale look, of course! Scarlet Johansson wasn’t bad as Black Widow either, here’s our hot version of her.

Mad Max

Blonde Girl Cosplay Mad Max

Mad Max is the right example to demonstrate: you don’t need anime, comic book or video game characters to do cosplaying. This simple but telling costume from Fury Road creates the bizarre and utopian atmosphere of the movie, but, of course, it wouldn’t be on our list without the right amount of sexiness. Tasteful!

Spider Woman

Woman Spider Girl Cosplay Dress

Cosplaying is not just putting on some Halloween costume. By the way, is this a costume at all? Second skin? Whatever she’s wearing, she’s playing with our minds! With that body, she could even be the real Spider Woman! Ten points!

Ash Ketchum from Pokémon

Girl Cosplay as Ash from Pokemon

In cosplaying gender switch is not an unusual concept. This girl could’ve also chosen a female character from Pokémon, but everyone wants to be the main hero, right? And, actually, we have to give this one to her: if Ash was a girl, she would definitely look like this. At least you wish!


Two Girls In Cosplay as TwiLek

Landing somewhere near you, directly from the Starwars universe is this red-hot Twi’lek. While the Twi’leks skin pigmentation is as diverse as the colours of the rainbow, they are easily identifiable through their distinctive advanced communications organs, known as prehensile tentacles, which grow out of the base of their skulls. Beautiful shapely and graceful, females Twi’leks are highly sought-after dancers and have known to be sold – even by their own families – as they are considered status symbols of influence and wealth. It takes a very special type of cosplayer to fully embody the charms of a Twi’lek in motion, so feast your eyes and be merry!

And Finally OUR Favourite Cosplay...

Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Movie

I am very seriously, madly in love with Harley Quinn. I love her “Psycho” outfits. I love her hot sexy body and crazy personality!!!

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