Olympians Strip Down to Show Feminine Strength in Russia

Female Olympians Strip Down

I think you all are going to love this post! Just in time for the Olympics, a Russian news and article source releases a portfolio of images to counteract the stereotype that female Olympians are both manly and "mountains of muscle". These female olympians strip down and show their sexy side. A number of female athletes from sports like: hockey, skeleton, figure skating, curling, ski jumping, freestyle skiing, and short track, are shown in these sexy images.

Scantily clad but elegantly displayed for the world to admire, these ladies bear it for mother Russia! I've seen articles from Policymic and other that take the angle that by displaying women this way they are undoing female achievement in sports & demean them, and I have to say that there is nothing wrong with the human form, woman's body and showing it off - they are the more beautiful sex generally speaking - and there's a reason sex sells when women are portrayed 😉

There is nothing demeaning about these images or the article's content... sometimes I think people look for issues when there aren't any, just to either stir controversy or becauase of their own personal complexes - shiesh!

What do you guys think? If you are quiet, I know why! (images follow from ADME Russia)




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