Concept Bra Only Opens When It’s True Love

Opens for True Love

So, while this is just a concept, it's quite an intriguing use of technology to help women make better decisions when perhaps in a limiting condition or when just experiencing infatuation... Well, the science is there but its of course not 100%. The bra is supposed to analyze the bloodstream for the presence of a secretion  called catecholamine. Catecholamine is a substance that as mentioned on the Ravijour site, is only secreted when there's true love in the mix.

As funny as the video below is (and you should watch it), it might save some ladies from unsavory men, or from that regrettable one night stand... Armed with this bra (and perhaps a chastity belt), the party-loving woman can be at rest knowing that her potentially bad decisions can be reduced greatly... which doesn't mean you should give up good common sense or friends that have your back!


Bruno Alfaco

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