Awesome Animated Music Visualization

This is a very cool concept, animated music visualization - in fact an entire album of electronic music that follows the notes and sounds through a simulated time-space line to a background of stars and grid lines. This animation sequencing puts you in the mind of the artist and allows you to truly "feel" the music, with its chill and energetic harmony. I envision putting this up on a projected screen and turning off the lights, kicking off your shoes, lighting the incense (maybe even candles), and inviting your honey for a little making out. What would you do? If that wasn't cool enough, I fell in love with "Puppy Love," a song that used cute animations of dogs making up the sounds and notes (see screenshot below). It's highly recommended to check it out, you'll love it!

Animated Music Visualization Song:

Puppy Love Song puppy love song visualized - George & Jonathan III

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