American Apparel Gives Ageless Sexiness a Try

American Apparel is no stranger to provocative ads. Typically showing off "normal/average" teens & young adults in sexy lingerie and t-shirts, this is a first for the brand, and many others. They are using a 62 year old woman named Jacky O'Shaughnessy to model off it's lingerie and clothing in it's latest campaign (American Apparel Ageless Campaign). Perhaps they are targeting a more mature market? Or getting the whole cub and cougar thing going for the brand to cause a stir?

American Apparel Mature Model Jacky

Either way, it's cool to see something different, but sexy. Time will tell if the strategy will work for the American Apparel brand, and how many more campaigns will feature MILF's like Jacky. You can see more of Jacky and the campaign on their social media accounts (Be advised that some of their content is NSFW and that some parents might not want their children to visit the accounts due to some of the posted content):



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