19 reasons to have sex everyday

19 reasons to have sex everyday

Enjoy one or two orgasms a week means more than something pleasurable. According to research presented during the Fourth Cuban Congress on Education, Orientation and Sexual Therapy, frequent sex can significantly reduce the possibility of a man more than 40 years undergo some coronary disease.



Weight loss

1 - You can burn up to 560 calories in a sexual relationship .

2 - Sex is one of the most complete workouts that exists since come into play every muscle of the body.



3 - The practice of sex helps to heal mild depressions because endorphins circulate through the blood system, which produces a pleasant feeling of euphoria and well -being.

4 - A sexual encounter helps boost self -esteem, since the person feels much desired.



5 - The excuse that " today not because I have a headache " is a big lie. Making love relaxing the tension that constricts cerebral blood vessels, thus relieving the headaches.

6 - It is a great remedy for insomnia, since the biochemical changes that occur during intercourse the body relaxes and goes into a state of deep sleep.


Less angry and more attractive

7 - A sexually active body adds greater amounts of pheromones - hormones of attraction.

8 - Making love alivias nervous tensions. And be less irritated, you can better perform their routine activities.


Mental health day

9 - Sex is the best tranquilizer in the world, far more efficient than any prescription.

10 - The practice regularly significantly improves your mental health, since sex enables the release of excess adrenaline.


Sharp Beauty

11 - When engaging in sexual intercourse, the woman produces twice the amount of estrogen - hormone responsible for keeping the skin soft and shine hair. Furthermore, slows down the process of osteoporosis and protects against hypertension.

12 - Sweat ( inevitable result of sex ) is healthy for your skin, as it helps to clean pores. Besides eliminating the possible dermatitis, skin rashes and blemishes.


Lips and most beautiful legs

13 - Kissing often allows the lips to improve their shape, color and appearance.

14 - Making love helps prevent cellulite, since it enables the movement of lymph fluids, which are in charge of eliminating bacteria, toxins and other substances that accumulate especially in muscles.


Athletic training

15 - Sex is fun, exciting and, above all, free.

16 - The frequent sex improves fitness.

17 - Sex is a natural antihistamine: can unblock congested nostrils.


Cure for all ills

18 - The practice of sex protects against digestive problems. But so long as they do not come right after a " gastronomic attraction."

19 - The constant sex can relieve arthritis pain , improve circulation and red blood cell production.

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